Making Technology Work For You

Are you paying too much for Computer Networking services?

Are you in need of Website Hosting along with Website Design that fits your needs and that can provide timely website updates if needed?

Are you in need of Email Hosting that you can access anywhere that provides Spam and Anti-Virus protection built in?

GForce Services LLC can provide you with all these services at an affordable rate.

We specialize in Catholic Parishes and Schools.

Computer Networking Services

We provide a range of Computer Network Services which include:

• Network infrastructure installation and support
  (cabling and network switches)
• Wireless infrastructure installation and support
  (wireless access points)
• Desktop installation and support
• Server overview and design
• Server installation and support
• Internet Content filtering

Website Hosting, Design & Updates

• Website hosting with plenty of space for your website

Design & Updates:
• A range of Wordpress website templates
• Customization of templates to fit your needs
• Intergration of social tools
  (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)
• Wikispaces for faculty webpages (School & Prep)
• Client access from anywhere for updating website
• Live streaming and archiving of Sunday masses and special events with Ustream.
  (Video camcorder, computer & internet needed)
• Timely updates of Wordpress website if needed.

Email Hosting

Email hosting provides the following:

• Access Email from any location with internet via computers or smart phones.
• 99% Spam email filtering at Email server
• Anti-Virus protection at Email server